what do you do with 64 eggs?

I must say that the rest of this week has been pretty eventful so far. When I think of my life here, I am overflowing with thankfulness. We know so many wonderful people who take care of us really well. Almost every time we go out, we get to see people we know.
I only had two Jr. High classes on Thursday, which were ok. My one class has some discipline issues, but when I asked the teacher how she normally disciplines the class, she said "well it's my first year of teaching them and i am trying to be their friend, so I don't really discipline them... many of them have bad pronunciation or can't understand, so they don't want to learn.."
Well that was NOT really what I wanted to hear, but anyways, I'll deal with it. I wish I could communicate that their pronunciation is not going to get any better if they won't practice... Oh well, I really do like the class, they are my most energetic class (which accounts for some of the problems too haha). There are some really unique personalities including Ava, who has written me a few little notes and gave me a picture of herself, and Yuki whose first words to me were "Are you free tonight? I don't care! I don't care!" I'll should put up pictures of some of my students aww.... I haven't taken pictures of this class yet.

Thursday night we taught our adult class, the topic was activities. We played kind of a team X's and O's to review and introduce new vocabulary (asking the team a question and if they got it right they could put an X or O on the board). Every now and then someone wouldn't be paying attention and would put their symbol on the wrong spot (allowing the other team to win) and there would be a lot of excitement! I started playing pictionary with my beginners at the end, and it got pretty funny when I started saying things like "dancing" and "kung fu" at which point they were asking me: How would YOU draw that/?? hahah so much fun. At the end of class they were like what? It's over already?

Friday morning I went for my first day at Yon Feng elementary, which was quite an enjoyable experience. It takes about a half an hour to get there, so from now on, I'll be sure to bring some other work or reading to do on the way. The students were from 3-6 grade (in two classes). I'll take pictures next week! I was impressed with their English ability... this is not to say they'll be writing essays next month.. but they all knew the ABC's, "hello, my name is" "I am __ years old" and "sit down/stand up" it's nice to come the first day finding out that they know at least that.

When I got home, Hope and I went on an Easter Egg hunt! Well not really... but we did go to buy eggs and other dyeing supplies. Why? Well since we were able to get some dye (from Hannah), we decided to let our English club students color Easter eggs as part of our Easter lesson on Saturday morning! It worked quite well, though it required a lot of preparation. Last night when we were making some sample ones, Jeff and Sherly came home, so we let them do some as well, Hen Hao Wan! (So much fun!).

Only one problem.... I forgot to bring my camera along to class this morning :( I know mom, Carissa and others will be quite ashamed and outraged to hear such a thing.... think of how many Easter scrapbooking pages I could have done ;)
Fortunately, all is not lost, we will be inviting some kids from church to our house on Sunday afternoon to dye the rest of our 64 eggs (we may even go buy some more.... i'm sure the store people though we were crazy).


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