time flies

... whether you're having fun or not!

Not to worry, i'm having fun for the most part! What have I been up to? What else? planning lessons, teaching lessons, talking about lessons i just taught.... it's a vicious cycle really.. lol
I must say, I have even more respect for my past teachers now that I've joined their ranks. Especially elementary teachers who are with the same students all day, every day.
I'm really enjoying the change to teach more children this semester, though I'm getting a little sick of teaching ABC's. Two more classes to start with this week!

Saturday was a really busy day, since we were teaching 3 classes morning, afternoon, and evening. Saturday night we were able to share with the Young Holistic group about "Getting a Global Vision" It was a lot of fun, we sang the chorus of "I could sing of your love forever" In Chinese, English, and Portuguese. We each shared about our experiences and how we felt God leading us to be missionaries. I brought my pictures from Brazil for the students to look through. At the end we got into groups and prayed for the different continents. Over all, I think it went pretty well.

In other news, I have mosquito bites on my FEET! They are itchy. I think I got them when we played tennis yesterday since I was wearing my sandals (not flip flops, don't worry).

On Sunday, we visited Mt. Carmel church, where our landlords and a number of other people we know go! It was pretty fun, especially since the pastor had relatives visiting from America, so all the songs we sang had both English and Chinese AND they read the scripture in English... actually it was Jeff (our landlord) who read it... *sniff* so proud of him! oh yeah, and the pastor's uncle translated the sermon for us.

I know I missed a ton of stuff in there, i'll try to update more regularly! I think I say that on a weekly basis! Life is quite exciting for the next few weeks. This weekend is Easter, and we have some friends trying to track down food coloring for us, and we might dye eggs in our teenager English cub or with some of the children we know. We are going to try to do Easter lessons for our classes this weekend. Next weekend there is a holiday, and we're planning to visit Taidong, where Faith, a girl from Moose Jaw (who got in touch with me through a Briercrest friend) , has been teaching for almost a month. The weekend after that we're going to HONG KONG!
wow.... that means that we've almost been here for 6 months... time really does fly!


  1. I have no pity for you and your mosquito bites... It's still snowing here.


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