Monday, March 21, 2005

Spring is in the Air... even here...

I have a ton of stuff to update, but for now, I'll just share a really funny story with you!

In our adult class on Saturday afternoon I was teaching the advanced students, and we were playing a board game. The topic was family, and so the students were having to share many things about their family. I had one student who was really capitalizing on the opportunity though! When answering one question, he mentioned how he wanted to get married soon and have a really happy family...
One of the aspects of the game was that if you landed on a space with a ? you had to ask someone else a a question about their family. In any case, I was a little shocked when this student asked one of the female students "Do you like me?"
She was suprised too, and didn't want to answer! He told her "You have to answer, those are the rules of the game!"
When she tried to protest that it wasn't about her family he smoothly replied "Well you may be part of my family in the future"

haha crack me up.... i guess if this English teaching thing doesn't work out, i could just start an English Dating service...

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