i can write an update, i can do that, cuz writing weekly updates makes me happy inside out...

Yesterday was our first day of class at Yuli Elementary. We have class there from 12:50 -1:50 and then have to boot it over to Yuli Jr. High for 2:10. Fortuately, Yuli Jr. High has midterms at the moment, so we didn't have to worry about that.
My class is 1st-3rd grade, and they are really cute!! I think they all know the ABC's though many of them can't write them yet. It spent quite a long time just to get them all wearing name tags and giving some of them English names. I'm anticipating this will be the case at my first class tomorrow at Yon Feng elementary, though hopefully not since there I am teaching 3-4th grade and 5-6th grade. The kids here are always really excited to see pictures of my family and Canada that I bring in. They are excited about snow, and shocked at Zeke's height. They are always quick to point out which one is me, I think that is their favorite. I brought in some pictures to illustrate the four seasons.

In the evening, I was supposed to teach my English teacher's class, had a killer pronunciation lesson planned and everything, but since there are midterms and what not right now, I only had one teacher show up! It was ok though because he was able to ask me some questions about a textbook he's teaching from and about how he can personally practice his English. That's part of what I had envisioned for the class too! A place to discuss problems and ideas and help each other as teachers.

Hmm... well that's all I have to say for now, I'll go update my sidebar.

If reading this didn't help you procrastinate enough, check out this website, it's pretty amusing. It's about April fool's pranks that have been played in the past. I'd have to say my best April fools prank was last year when Vanessa and I put live goldfish in Rachel's bathroom sink for her to find in the morning... oh what an eventful night that was! Any prank stories to share? Leave me a comment!



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