As I began Chinese New Year vacation, we spent the afternoon in Taroko Gorge, which I must say is one of the msot amazing and breath-taking things I have ever seen. No wonder its famous here and internationally- though for being so famous the roads are something of a death trap: busy roads at an important tourist attraction that wind through the mountains and unpredictably (though often on curves and in tunnels) are reduced to a single lane.
Being in a place like Taroko reminds you of how small you are, you stand at the base of mountains and sheer cliffs, you look down into ravines with a barely visible blue ribbon of water winding through the bottom. It reminds you of how glorious and creative God is, that His matchless beauty surpasses the wonder of what you are beholding.
Intricate patterns and a spectrum of shades shape the walls and tunnels all around; blue-green pools and white rushing wateralls add life to the surroundings. I'm really thankful that I have pictures to share since I can't fully describe it all!
You are reminded of culture and history from the beginning as you pass through the famous gate which ornately welcomes visitors. You can see simple and intricate intertwined in pavillions marking places, memories, and the passage of time. Stone lions guard bridges, and temples and statues tell of a people who long to worship something in response to everything they see as they pass through....