National Palace Museum

So I didn't think I'd be able to update much, but the truth is... i'm in Taiwan... there are more cell-phones than people in this country if that tells you anything! Things have been quite busy thus far, but now that there's a few quiet moments, I can write a little. On Monday we visited the National Palace Museum, one of the big tourist attractions of Taipei. It was strange to see so many (other) foreigners! Ha! A little more time in Yuli and I'll be just as bad as the locals.... just kidding!
The museum was quite enjoyable, even though maybe 2/3 of is is closed right now for renovation... I don't think I would have the stamina to see the whole thing in one day! So many human acheivements in one place.... there was an intricate boat with passengers and a poem on the bottom carved out of an olive pit, 17 concentric circles carved out of the same piece of ivory, ancient script that still has readable characters, and works of art and civilization from thousands of years ago. It really impressed upon me the fact that this culture is steeped in its history, and that it has been much more shaped by history than Canada's short 138 years. The people here know much more about their history, and there is a lot to take pride in as far as human achievements go.

Sadly, my shao peng you, Annie, was not having such a good day... she woke up in a really bad mood, and I continuously heard the words "tao yen" (I hate ___). She had a couple of temper tantrums at the museum, but i guess it's not too interesting for a 6 year old.... Joey on the other hand was probably the most interested/excited out of all of us.... he's a really smart kid who quite impresses me with his behaviour. He's really considerate and sensitive. Annie's adorable and intense emotionally.... she's either really happy or really angry.... either way, you'll know it! Jack is really funny and is quite fun to talk with. He's a great father too, for being a "respected doctor" he's not afraid to act ridiculously in public to get a laugh out of his children! Amy is just wonderful all around, she's very encouraging and kind. They are a really wonderful family!