Happy New Year

Today is New Years Eve as the moon shines, and I've been having an interesting trip so far... I'll have many things to post when I get back including some amazing pictures! But for now I'll just check in.... the trip down was quite fun, and the highlight was definitely Taroko Gorge, maybe one of Taiwan's most famous landmarks. I've been in Taipei since Saturday and have been visiting all kinds of places including the National Palace Museum, Taipei 101 (the elevator up to the top was closed today so we may go tomorrow), and a number of department stores, i've been able to buy some books and some groceries that will be of great benefit in Yuli...
Tonight we'll be having some traditional Chinese foods for dinner, and I can already hear firecrackers starting to go off, I can't imagine what it will sound like at midnight. Anyhow, I should probably go be social or something lol.


  1. Have fun! I think I'm going to make jiaozi (dumplings) tonight to celebrate :).

  2. Char! I miss you! Can't wait to hear about all the fun stuff you've been up to, and all the funny things Jack has said. We're doing pretty good here, though I'm taking the day off from the beach because of a bad sunburn. Talk to you later. I have your passport by the way, in Taipei.


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