What kind of teacher forgets she has class???

So yesterday was a mixed up day all around.... our Chinese class got changed from Thursday to Wednesday, but our school classes didn't.... now you have to remember, before i relay this shameful event that not only was our day mixed up, but every other day we teach, we teach from 3-5pm. IN ADDITION, we have not taught at Yuli Jr. High for 3 weeks... thus making it easy to forget that we maybe had class from 2-4 on Wednesdays instead of 3-5.... at least it was easy for Hope and I. So here I was sitting in my room at 2:20, thinking I had lots of time to get my photocopying done for class when Hope came in after her teacher called her and we realized in shock and horror that we had missed our first class!!!! We got to the school in time for our second classes, but felt really bad for our poor students!! So anyways, Peggy also admitted that she had forgotten that detail, and laughed about the situation. The worst thing though is that our classes at that school might get cancelled next week too because they might have to study for exams during that time. Our poor students!

In other news, I again went through the ordeal of mailing things at the post office.... since my parcel hasn't arrived home yet, I am beginning to wonder if they just threw it out from the sheer annoyance of all the trouble i was... that would be really sad! I noticed that some of the workers got really busy/took lunch breaks right about the time i walked in, but there was only one open teller for most of the lengthy process, creating a rather large line behind me.... I hope you all like your postcards ;) Maybe I should bring someone with me next time I try to send mail...


  1. That's really funny that you missed class (your students were probably either thrilled or quite upset :).

    When I was in Taiwan, I was there teaching English to a family's kids and their friends and cousins and whoever else they knew :). It was kind of crazy, because they decided they wanted a Native English speaker to teach for the summer and contacted the missionaries they knew who contacted a person in the U.S. that used to be a missionary, who knew me. So, I ended up in Taiwan. It was a great experience, since I didn't know any Chinese before I went and didn't know much about Asia.
    When I go next fall, I'm going with an organization similar to ELIC called TeachOverseas.org (also known as ESI).

  2. I hate lines at the post office and I probably don't even have it bad.

    BTW, if I forget to mention in December (or was it the end of November?), the postcard arrived just fine. I had it displayed with my Christmas cards. :)

  3. you should totally deploy a mail execution team, and go Jennifer Garner (in the show Alias) on those mail punks, so they won't recognize you... I'd mail you my pink wig, but considering the credentials you've given to the postal system, I don't think it would make it ; )


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