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This morning we had time between church and lunch, so we invited our friends over to play with the puppies. This is Ariel and her fiance Richard who lives in Hualien and comes to visit frequently on the weekends. Around 4:00 I had a little baking class, which was pretty fun! It's Sherly's birthday tomorrow and so she asked if I would show her how to make cookies so she can bring some to work. I agreed and suddenly there were all kinds of people signing up! It was kinda crazy, but we had fun. Eva's daughter, her name is Anna I believe, was a big help, and actually did a lot of the work, because the other ladies kind of got tired of it after the first few tray. Anyways, at some point they got the idea to start making shapes and then words out of the dough, which actually baked better than I thought. From there I had to run because we had made plans to go to a turkey dinner hosted by Chris, one of the Yuli Jr. High teachers. About 6:00 we left for what we thought was going to be a party for the English teachers at Yuli Jr. High... so you can imagine our shock when we discovered it was being held in the building where the Mormons meet, and, in fact most of the people there were Mormons including our host......... there was one other teacher from Yuli Jr. high there, but yeah... it was definitely not what i had expected..... needless to say we felt a little uncomfortable, looking at their propaganda on the walls, making small talk with the foreign "missionaries" and wondering if there was going to be some kind of service... there was but we didn't have to attend, though i was sad to see how many adherents they had... pray that God will prevent people from being drawn to the false teachings of this cult and that those who are within it will be motivated to seek truth, that they can hear the TRUTH of Jesus Christ and distinguish it from deception.