snickerdoodle indeed, who came up with that name anyways? it is a fun one to try explaining to people! this all came about due to the fact that i baked snickerdoodles last night mmmmm

anyways, on a completely unrelated topic, i had my last class today for the semester! my students weren't that good considering, lol but that's ok, i got a few cards and notes from my students, which makes it all worth it... just when you think they don't care they say "I love you teacher" and your heart melts. One of my girls gave me this adorable picture frame with a picture of her inside! at the end of my second class one of my students gave me a hug and then she started crying!! i almost cried then too.... awww I don't know what i'm going to do when i leave for real
anyways, next semester we'll be teaching at the same three schools plus two elementary schools and all kinds of other places...
this weekend the ORTV people are coming here and we get to do a big kid's rally! i think it will be a lot of fun! We get to help with the songs and the crafts :D it will be fun to see our friends too.