Promised Land 15km

What have I been up to since my last update? Tuesday was a beautiful day and I actually put on shorts and worked out on my balcony for awhile! Of course the Taiwanese are still in heavy jackets lol
Yesterday I had a fun-filled day in Hualien. I went with Amy Jieh and her two children and we visited all kind of exciting places. Her son had a violin lesson and English class, and then the children were flying to Taipei to meet their grandparents. On the way there Annie (6 years old) put in this English cd with songs for kids, so we sang such classics as "I'm a little tea pot" "Hokey Pokey" (made considerably more difficult when you're in a car) and "The farmer in the Dell" (the cheese stands alone). We visited the really beautiful campus of this biggest college in Hualien, and walked around for awhile, and then went to this great Japanese restaurant for lunch and had many delicious things mmmmmmmmmmm. We visited the oceanfront and some other visitors places. Man this coutry is so beautiful! When we were standing by the ocean if I turned and looked around I could see mountains quite close by... We went to some stores that I'll definitely have to remember how to find, including an art store (I wanted to buy everything in it), and some stores where I found, among other things, pancake syrup, cake mixes, salsa, and bagels. As we were coming out of one store, there happened to be a KFC across the street that was advertising these tarts made with Canadian maple syrup mmmmmm. We bought some. We ended up getting invited to Joey's teacher's house for supper, and she and her family were really fun to meet! Her name is Lisa, and she gave me her phone number so we can get together another time I come to Hualien. After that we went to drop the kids off at the airport, and Annie was feeling quite anxious (it was her first time flying without her mom, since just her and her big brother (11) were going on the 40 minute flight). We weren't sure if she was going to change her mind about going, but they proceeded with the check in, and who should be in line behind them but a doctor friend of theirs that both the kids knew! After that she was ok and didn't even cry as she left. This is the family, by the way, that I'll be joining for Chinese New Years, I'm really excited, they are such wonderful people! On the way back Amy was telling me about the Chinese New Years traditions that her family has. Also on the way back a saw a sign that amused me, which is mentioned in the title of this entry: Promised Land 15km well, I thought to myself, that is a pretty serious claim to make lol... but anyways, it's a resort of some sort I suppose...