here at the end of many (but not all) things

LOTR fans will catch my veiled reference... so i'm a nerd... i can live with that... i've been through less than half the special features so far including one commentary...
The end of this week was kind of strange because it was both my last class at Yu Dong and our last English Club until next semester. It's so odd for things to be wrapping up in this way when it feels like they've just started. But this next month is kind of going to be like the deep breath before the plunge (ok, ok i'll stop now) since i have to try to get as much pre-planning done as i can for my fairly hectic upcoming schedule! It actually worked out really well for me earlier; i sat down and planned some sample lessons for the articles i wanted to use, and brainstormed activities and kind of put them in order so they could potentially be a lesson (though not fully developed) so when the week came, i already had an idea of what i wanted to do, and my lessons were as a result pretty easy to put together.
Anyways, we met with Faith today who used to work at ORTV, and is now living in Yuli where her husband is a pastor of a small church. We're visiting their church tomorrow, it should be fun! Unfortunately (for us, not them) they're going to Toronto for 3 months in a couple of weeks! We've got plans to get together when they come back!
Oh it's also gotten much warmer here again :) People stare in shock and amazement as we (especially Hope, who's been wearing t-shirts) walk around not bundled up as if we were facing a blizzard!