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HAPPY NEW YEARS!! Xin Nian Kuai Le!

It's hard to believe it's really 2005, I've been here 2.5 months, and in Yuli over 2 months now!
2004 was quite an interesting year, I set foot on the soil (or concrete as it is) of 4 different countries (counting Canada and the U.S. of course), but hey that's the most in one year for me ;)
It was a year of accomplishments, changes, and huge steps of faith.

So here I am, beginning the year in Taiwan. And what a beginning it was! On Saturday, I spent most of the afternoon cooking (it was fun!) for the party we had! I made eggnog, which to my shock and amazement actually tasted like eggnog. I made two different kinds, one of which was cooked. I also baked cookies (and though that was the worst that recipe has ever turned out for me, our friends managed to eat them ALL, i'm talking 4 dozen for 8 people lol!) and made spaghetti. They also brought over food, snacks and drinks. Ariel made this Thai shrimp soup and some chicken prepared in a traditional Taiwanese way. After dinner we played Phase 10, which lasted forever! They had all been planning to leave around 9, but ended up staying until they game was over at 11! They liked it so much that when we saw them the next day, they asked if we could play again! So on Sunday evening we played in this coffee shop with Dan and Michelle.
After church on Sunday we invited some of the kids we know to come play with our puppies! It was a lot of fun, and we even found a home for one of them!!! Awww the cutest little girl Ming Ting, holding a little puppy, it was really an adorable sight. After the first group left, the daughters of the buxiban owner came over for an hour. They are 4 and 8 and their names are Echo and April. They were really sweet with amazing English (I guess that's to be expected) and were really polite. The younger one was a little afraid of the puppies even... so cute. Anyways, the puppies were pretty tired after all that company, so they all went to sleep, but we still had these girls for a half an hour! So we gave them hot chocolate and played "Old Maid" with them. Yay for all the little card games I bought when I was at home!

On Monday, we decided spur-of-the moment (like an hour before the train left) to go to Hualien! It was a fun trip, and we didn't get ripped of by any of the cab drivers we tried to speak chinese with! The highlight of the trip may have been this little boy we befriended in the food court where there were all these little arcade games that took tokens. We decided to play a game of air hockey, and he was brave enough to come over and watch us, so we let him play the next game, and then played a few other games with him, it was fun! Not to be forgotten, our trip home was quite interesting. We bought open tickets for the way back, and on the train we were on, there wer no seats left. We had to perch ourselves on this divider thing in the middle of the car, alternately supported by the wall and each other. I'm sure we made quite a spectacle of ourselves, especially when we began to play phase 10, which was frequently interrupted by people walking through. It's a little difficult to describe, but suffice it to say, it was rather amusing! OH the other exciting thing is that I found the ROTK Extended Version in Hualien!!!!!
I bought it of course, though it is a region 3 dvd so it won't work when i go back home.... at least i can enjoy it here, and i have been thus far!! sooooooo good.... so between that and my social weekend, well, you no longer need to be mystified by my lack of updating...


  1. region 3? HOw does it differ??

  2. Anonymous1:06 am

    it is 863



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