"all of the sudden i was on the ground, underneath my bike"

I forgot to tell the funny story of the week. It happened among other events on Sunday: I fell off my bike. Now this wasn't a bicycle accident, more of a "single vehicle mishap." I wasn't actually riding my bike at the time. We had stopped and were chatting with Dan about where to go for lunch, and I was standing up, balancing my bike when it started falling to one side. Since my legs were on either side of the bike I couldn't easily extract myself, and somehow I ended up on the ground with said bicycle on top of me. I must say the pain of embarrassment was greater than the pain of falling off my bike (or my bike falling on me, however you want to view the event). Those of you who remember the "precipice" incident my first year of college may not find this story too shocking....
Anyways, I AM ok though today when the chain fell off (as i was riding it) I took it to the bike shop and the Lao Ban (store owner or boss) said I had to get the gears on my bike replaced... perhaps related to the recent topple? I guess we'll never know.
Here's some random pictures for you, in reverse order: the view off my balcony, my wall decorations (the middle is a gift from my San Min students) and the newest addition to my family (such as it is)


  1. Do you think the benefits of bike riding outweigh the hazards? I got your post card. Lovely picture.


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