Sounds of the morning

A scooter drives by. I can hear the people next door having a conversation through my open window, since their house is only a few feet away. Their dog starts barking loudly at something passing by, causing another dog to begin howling. A lady comes around, as she does every day, she is selling or collecting something, and her voice resonates through the neighbourhood, "Hi-aaaay, Hey Hi-aaay." Her voice resembles that of an old mother calling for a disobedient child to come home for supper....

This is planning week, it's pretty slow, but it is the final preparation time for our English Club and our classroom teaching. Yesterday we visited the public library to see the room where we will be teaching on saturdays, and discovered that there are pictures of us on the bulletin board outside the building, as well as some sort of article. I hope we will be able to get copies of it, but I'm not sure if we can. We had a chinese lesson and Peggy gave us two pie crusts that she bought in Hualien! More baking ahead for us! Mom sent me the recipe for a good baking powder biscuit too so I will make cinnamon rolls and cheese biscuits...mmmm...
Tonight is our first night of a new dinner schedule. For some reason unknown to me, the families in the church are quite eager to have us over for dinner on a regular basis. There are actually some families who are waiting until next month! To me it would seem to be an inconvenience, but I guess it's not too much of one. We will be eating with a different family 5 days of the week. This arrangement was a suprise to us, but I am excited to get to know the families more! I'm sure all the parents will make their kids break out the English textbooks to read to us lol.
Anyways, I guess I better get to work! Happy December everyone! I can't believe it!!


  1. voice resembles that of an old mother calling for a disobedient child to come home for supper....

    Weren't thinking of your own mom, perchance?

  2. lol Dad you crack me up


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