Sing in English? Did we ever!

So Dr. Su, the spontaneous little feller that he is (to quote the real Amy Jieh), decided to suprise us with a solo about 10 minutes before we began Sunday worship..... We were singing Amazing Grace in Chinese and English, and he "suggested" that the second time through the English version, just the ingwun Laoshr's (being the two of us) should sing it.... soo all of my gentle probing as to whether there would be any "suprises" was for naught.... my first reaction was "I KNEW it!" He's always up to something that one lol... and he's so polite about it.... Hope's reaction was "How about EVERYONE sing it together?" to which he responded "Wo ting bu dong" (I hear no understand) I didn't believe it for a second... so anyways, another solo for us... good thing that was our last week leading worship for awhile! It wasn't so bad, though that one high note wasn't my best moment...
Ariel translated for us, though the setup remained the same as the previous week, it wasn' t SO bad since her voice is pretty quiet, and she is more conscious of the people around. It did kind of take the mystery out of Pastor Zhang's intense preaching, although at the end he shared a vision he had (I think) about a bunny rabbit... it did have some sort of spiritual meaning... but it really does tend to be the stories that lose the most in translation!


  1. Argh. It wouldn't be so bad if it weren't in the morning and I could actually sing.


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