Second week of teaching COMPLETE

Ok, so now that I've washed the chalk off my hands (did i ever tell you how much i hate chalk? if i ever own/run/have any sort of influence over a school i will make sure they have whiteboards only!!!), i can describe my last two days... actually there's not a ton of excitement to relate.
I have two classes on Thursdays, and my first one was kind of wild, and very loud. I am trying to think of strategies to channel their energy without them getting out of control. I'm also considering planning quieter lessons for them so they have less opportunity to act out. This class will be a challenge. Part of it is that there are 31-33 students, which is just generally difficult to manage since there are so many personalities, interpersonal relationships and conflicts, and levels of learning and motivation combined in one room!
Last night we got to go to Mt. Carmel church (Ja Mi Shan) to help our dear friend Amy Lin teach a children's english class. They were doing parts of the body, and so we got to play "Teacher says" (which closely resembles "Simon Says" in case you were wondering...) I really like the kids there, they are so cute! It is nice to work with different age groups.
Today's class went pretty well too. It is my smallest class, and I have many of the students for a two hour period (with breaks). Today I actually got 3 of the students to speak in front of the class, and they didn't die of embarrassment! I gave them a prize afterward! I'm so amazed... actually maybe I should say I am agog lol it's a word from this great song in Les Miserables, which i have been obsessed with lately.... Amy and Jack leant it to us, and since I watched it, i have been listening to the songs non-stop... maybe i'll take a wander through blockbuster to see if they have Phantom of the Opera... i would love to watch that too!
Anyways, I must be off again... tonight we are going to a BBQ for the youth group in the church and possibly as well to the kindergarten Christmas program! Then I'll have to tweak the powerpoint for tomorrow and we need to run through our little skits again.
Tomorrow morning is English Club, and then a trip to Hualien to get our glasses (and also to spend some quality starbucks time!), in the evening we have Young Holistic which I am thinking of skipping out on... though we left early last week, so i don't know if that will be possible!


  1. PHANTOM OF THE OPERA comes out in theatres here on Dec 22!!!! I AM SO EXCITED! As a kid I never got to go see even though my sister saw it and my mom saw it like 2-3 times... but they brought back the soundtrack and I listened to it again and again.... so I am excited to finally have a movie version of it to go see (I never did come across a taping of the production, maybe it is out there somewhere)... ok breath...

  2. I saw Phantom in Vancouver (1997) and it was great. The previews of the movie look spectacular and I can't wait. :)

    I bought Les Mis CDs just out of high school but years later, I hardly listen to them. Turns out I only love three songs and can live without the rest. I'm thinking of selling the set when it's close to moving time. I will, however, keep the movie version with Liam Neeson and Claire Danes. (Not a musical, but it's great at telling Jean Valjean's story.)


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