life is getting busier!

I ended up having supper at the Su's house instead of the other family, which came as a suprise! But it was a lot of fun... after dinner they showed me their wedding pictures and pictures of their children. I also learned about some of the Chinese wedding customs: They have a big ceremony at each family's house before the church ceremony. The bride's family have a big dinner while the groom waits outside (maybe for a couple of hours even!) and then they both join the groom's family for more ceremonies and then go to the church!

Afterward I went to church which was interesting.... anyways it was the last lesson of a book they have been studying, and at the end I got to pray with one person who is a little older than me, and is really involved in the church programs here, she's feeling pretty burned out lately, so I am going to try to make it a point to encourage her when I see her.

Today was a flurry of chinese lessons and bible study planning meetings, so far we only have 4 students signed up though!!! I'm a little worried! But we'll see I guess... less students will give us an opportunity to get to know them better and they will probably learn more English! We also found out that we will be joining the youth group in singing Sunday morning! One song we already know, but we just got the other two TODAY! talk about pressure! at least we'll be sharing a microphone... so it won't be too disastrous heheh, and yes the songs are in Chinese in case there was any doubt!

I made simple cinnamon rolls yesterday which suitably impressed everyone! I've already had two requests to come over and learn how next time i make them! lol i think they'll be disappointed at how easy they are...

We went to Amy and Jack's house for supper which is always so much fun! their children are so cute! I'll have to get a good picture of them soon to post on here!

Now for the most exciting news of all: Our dog (actually our landlord's dog) Shao Guay had 6 puppies last night!!!!! They are sooooo cute! So yeah if anyone wants a puppy just let me know, since they are planning to give them away....

In weather, there may be a typhoon heading this way tonight/tomorrow, a December typhoon is pretty much unheard of, but it hit the Philippines pretty hard today and we're right above them. I wonder if that will affect our plans...hmmm
I'll let you know tomorrow I guess!

Oh yeah, and I'm listening to Christmas music!! Some of the stores here have put out Christmas displays now... it's nice to see them actualyl during the right season, rather than at the end of September lol.


  1. I'd like a dog, could you just courier it to Saskatchewan? I was thinking vincent needs a playmate... or something to practice her pouncing on.


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