Let the fun begin!

Well the typhoon wasn't so bad, all over now! We stayed at home most of the day because of heavy rains and such, but had to venture out to the library to set up for our English Club.
Later we had supper at another nice family's house, who have a 6 year old daughter named Angel (her English name) she was darling, and quite a good artist!! They served us homemade pizza and 2 diffferent dishes of stir-fried veggies and some duck soup. It was quite delicious! I have to say their pizza was better than what I had at Pizza Hut last time we went to Hualien!
Later in the evening we got the crazy notion to bake, and so donned our "rain clothes" and umbrellas and walked to 7-11 to pick up what we needed! How fun! We really didn't get nearly as wet as we thought we would, but that's ok, we can say that we braved the typhoon! (It may have been downgraded to a tropical storm by then, i have no idea!)
So we bought M&M's to make cookies mmmmm Jeff and Sherly were quite impressed at our baking skill and Sherly asked me to teach her next time I make cookies! This is my third request, and I am thinking of starting an English Baking Class! LOL
We ended up talking with Jeff and Sherly, having tea, and seeing their wedding photos, and then we realized that it was midnight!! We were all shocked, and so departed for bed! I didn't get to sleep until around 1!
I had to get up early to organize for the English Club which was supposed to start at 8:30 (we were hoping to be at the library by 8 to set up!) But we didn't know if it would be cancelled this morning, and honestly, i was kinda hoping it would be, esp since we hadn't had very many registrations prior to the typhoon! Things like that tend to affect attendance.....
Anyways, many phone calls later this morning we did have English Club (the library opened just because of us i'm told, otherwise they would have had a typhoon day). And actually had 24 youth!! Some were really young!! But we had a lot of fun!! The kids were REALLY shy at first which worried me! It's quite disconcerting to ask a question and then just have complete silence. When this happens for a number of questions you start to worry!! But eventually the ice broke somewhat and things got better! This is definitely something to think about as I'm preparing for my first classes this week! The game show went quite well, now we have to think of something great for next week! We have a few ideas already.... the topic will be "Facing Fear" and we were thinking of doing a mock Fear Factor game, but Hope pointed out that they may eat half the things on that show without batting an eye in every day life!! Some cultural differences there...


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