Got pictures!!

That may have been the most exciting thing of my day lol.
I like tuesdays, they're pretty laid back, but still a work day.
We met with Dr. Su today and did lots of planning for our English club this week, it's going to be great! The topic is resolving conflicts, and we are going to do some role plays, the first of which will not be announced as a role play, so we are going to pretend to get in a big fight while we are leading the club! At the end (after our 'conflict' is resolved) we want to try to break into the last two lines of a friendship song we will be teaching the students. So far we have had a hard time managing the transition.... but we did laugh until our stomachs hurt (at least mine did!) Our regular teacher helpers, Michelle and Ariel have to take a test this weekend, so another one of their coworkers, Dan is going to help us! What a nice guy... he hasn't found out about the acting part yet! We're meeting with him tomorrow, and hoping that he'll be ok with doing a little acting!
In other news, I made blondie brownies today mmm, baking is so much fun. They are a little different since brown sugar here has a slightly different taste (more "molasses-ey") and a different texture (not as moist).
We have been finding out that many of our classes will be cancelled in the coming weeks..... starting with tomorrow! My second class and Hope's are being cancelled, though I'm not totally sure why, we were told that it is just for this week. Next week though, so far two out of the three schools will be having Christmas parties while we would be teaching, so yeah, it's interesting
Anyways, since I have pictures, I shall post some! I decided to keep you all in suspense and post only a few at once! Here are the pictures from the shauy jiao EXTRAVAGANZA!

L-R David (one of the only other foreigners in town!), Michelle (you can't really see her face), Ariel, Hope, Dan, Me (like my hair??), and Eileen. All of them work at the Buxiban.

Our feast afterward!

Some of the ladies who have been so wonderful to us! We eat a meal at each of their homes in a week: Amy Lin, Peggy Su, and Kathy Zhen, who was hosting the shuay jiao event.