Christmas is Coming!!

I baked a pie today, but I wouldn't exactly call it a culinary masterpiece.... well at least the apple crisp I made looks good! I'm sure it will taste fine, might just kinda fall apart... anyways, we went out to buy Christmas cards to deliver to about 17 families here, which will be fun as well!
Tomorrow are my only two classes of the week! How crazy is that? Anyways, they will be a lot of fun because I'm going to teach my students "Joy to the World" which they have in Chinese, so some of them have likely heard it before!
We've been finding out some new things about our job description lately for next semester, it's quite exciting actually! We will probably be teaching at an aboriginal elementary school (the place, where incidentally, we went on that big bike trip to the first week we were here). We also have plans in the works for a book club for adults beginning in February as well!
Well hopefully you got my group email about the coming Christmas activities, i'm sure i'll give full description in here ;)
OH and I almost forgot, I felt my first earthquake today!!! there have been a few since i've been here, but that was the first one i felt! how exciting..... actually it wasn't really that exciting, oh well


  1. Wo ai ni, Charlotte. Ni shi wo zui xi huan de teammate!


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