breakdancing pastors and beautiful bi-dze's

Oh where to start??
this has indeed been an eventful weekend. after my quick (and random post - i watched Les Mis again today, and would love to see the theatre version of Phantom, though i'm sure it can't compare to the real thing), we headed off to the bbq/kids Christmas party, which were happening at about the same time. It was a lot of fun, and we got to see pretty well everyone we know in Yuli! The children were soooo cute doing their little songs and dances.... awwwwwwwwww the youngest ones did this little "I love to dance I love to sing" number which was choreographed (well as choreographed as 5-6 year olds can be). Oh my it was beyond cute!
After that was over and we had thoroughly socialized with everyone, we hit the night market quick as lightning to buy french fries for one of our skits on Saturday morning... boy were they nasty by then... they were none too fresh when we bought them at 10:30pm!
English club went pretty well, though we only had 16 students this week, we had a lot of fun with them. Our skits went quite well - Dan was such a good sport too! My favourite one is the one where Hope gets ketchup all over my "favourite"shirt (aka a shirt we bought at the market so we could ruin it at English Club), which was this interesting pink colour... the ketchup was a brand new bottle, so it really did take some work for her to get it out... but it looked horrendous on the shirt, i almost laughed when I saw it! It did make it easier to act shocked though! I think our English teacher/translators have the hardest job during English club! Afterward we took Dan out for brunch, and I am proud to say I successfully was able to pay for his! This is the first time I have been able to treat someone here, as they usually think of SOME sort of excuse as to why they MUST buy!
What a busy day, next we gave three of the puppies a bath (they're starting to stink somethin' awful) which was fun and interesting... i'm really glad they are all looking healthy still today and none of them died! They were really scared, and shivered for a long time afterward... i was getting worried... anyways, at some point we will bathe the other three probably!
By then it was about time to go to Hualien to get our new glasses (among other things). We spent a very, very relaxing afternoon sitting in starbucks, reading... it almost felt like being at home... We had supper at a really good (though kind of expensive) place called Taipei beef steak (Taipei nyo pai) which to my excitement sells Canadian beef! mmmm... all of the placemats on the tables had Canadian flags... it made me feel very patriotic... well for a few minutes anyways lol
it was like a really big buffet with everything from a huge salad bar, to beef, pork or lamb cooked for you, to crab shells stuffed with rice, to sashimi! mmmm so i had my first sushi in Taiwan, and it was quite good. Wow i can't believe i've remembered so many random details! I like my new glasses, though they are taking a little bit to get used to... my eyes were really sore last night, and today i had to wear my old glasses for awhile!
Oh yeah, this is where the "beautiful bi-dze" comes in... hehehe
When we got our glasses, mine were sitting up too high b/c the little nose pad things were too close together, and while he was adjusting them i asked Peggy what the word for nose is and she told me "bi-dze" so i said sadly "Wo yo da bi-dze" (I have a big nose) lol, then the owner gave my glasses back, telling me "ni bi-dze piao lian" (your nose is beautiful) how cute!!! it cracks me up.
Maybe it's one of those you had to be there things...
Ok, well i'm about ready to wrap this up, but I must mention the events of tonight! They had a big Christmas party for kids tonight from all around the community which included hot dogs and french fries (even here bleh) and a dramatic retelling of the Christmas story which included the infamous (well not really) Pastor Zhang and his wife as Mary and Joseph (who did a little romantic dance, heightened in cuteness by the very pregnant costume and by the fact that people here don't really show much affection in public), a hip-hop dance team of angels (teens, soo hilarious) and some of the kids dressed as animals, the manger and a water bucket (who formed a conga line at one point), the absolutely funniest moment of the drama though was the finale after the angels did some fun little dances and made their exits when Pastor Zhang aka Joseph, dressed all in white and beaming his angelic little smile, began to break dance! He even did the worm.... I would have to say I was both shocked and impressed, Hope and I are both wondering where he learned how.... that man is just full of suprises, i wish i could take a video of him sometime to show you, he's kind of indescribable! If you can remember, he's the one who had a spiritual revelation about a bunny rabbit, acted out being a baby, and would be an instant star in any kung fu movie. Everything he does is with 110% energy. What a guy. We're hoping to be able to go for lunch with him and his wife sometime after church... though i suspect they'll be hard to pin down.