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this should probably title tomorrow's post actually, but that's ok!
today was a work day that wasn't really a work day..... we had our ministry meeting/Bible study with Dr. Su and Peggy, which is always rather enjoyable, and spent much of it sorting out details for teaching... we did get our Bible study in, but didn't get to sing :(
It was an hour instead of the usual two hours because of what can only be described as a Shuay Jiao extravaganza (just kidding!) We went to Kathy's house where we met with their fellowship group (including the english teachers from the cram school here) to make Shuay Jiao! Known in Canada as dumplings... they are kinda like won tons. The process is quite fun, first you take the small dough circle, and drop a teaspoonful of filling (there was pork, chicken, and vegetable) in the middle. Then you wet the edge and fold it in half, pinching it over to seal it. There is another way too, but I didn't quite master it, my teacher, Dan (one of the english teachers) showed it to me first, and then quickly switched to the simpler way lol... no suprises there...
Since they had already been there for an hour we didn't get to make too many before they were ready to eat... mmm they are yummy! We had a rather large feast of Shuay Jiao and something called "Devil Soup" which Hope did find quite devilish.... we switched bowls when no one was looking so it would look like she had eaten hers... she gave a hearty "hen hao chr" (great food) and set "her" bowl down after pretending to take the final few sips... i cracked up.... life is so funny! I think we have too much fun sometimes.... Oh yeah, we also had a really interesting beverage which I think was mulberry cider vinegar... yeah. there's no way i was trading cups with Hope on that one....
It was a really fun afternoon, we were there until about 2:00 (including pumpkin cheesecake for dessert) and I really enjoyed hanging out with the other teachers. Michelle and Ariel are quite hilarious! I'm so glad we get to work with them in our English Club. The rest of the day was pretty uneventful, I just spent more time preparing for lessons and looking for pictures
of creepy crawlies (since our lesson on Saturday is about Facing Fear)

First day of school tomorrow! I'm so excited! I wonder if i'll be able to sleep tonight


  1. P.S. I found a fun weather forecast thing, but the best one I could get is Taipei, it's pretty close to the same temp anyways... i'm excited about it though!


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