Our first day in Yuli

Us with the Su's
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We are staying in a guestroom at one of the churches we will be working with for the first few nights. We got to see some kids, because one Saturday a month, they have children’s programs at the church. It was really different from the programs that run in North America! First of all, it runs all day, but most of it is the kids sitting all day! They started with singing, which was cool because the whole thing was led by some of the older kids. There was only a couple of adults singing up front, and they weren’t even on the stage! They had kids playing drums and piano, and probably about 12 kids up on stage singing (without microphones) and doing the actions for the songs. Then there was a really long “sermon” which we were very surprised at, because we rarely make our kids sit like that for more than about 10 minutes in our churches, and here were 100 kids sitting through over an hour of just preaching. Most adults wouldn’t even make it! Anyways, it seems like the kids are a lot more disciplined here, likely because of the way they are raised and because of the school system. They had more activities after that and then they feed the kids lunch for free as well, since most of them come from really poor families.
In other events of the day, I fell down the stairs! Did it ever hurt… thankfully Hope caught me, so I didn’t land on my head or anything! Anyways, something like me falling is probably no big surprise to many of you, but everyone here was very concerned. I iced it right away and it’s doing ok, I have a bruise/mark that is kind of the shape of South America on my left leg. Of course this happens about 10 minutes before Liz, Phil, Ivy and the other people show up…. Oh dear…
We spent the afternoon in teacher training seminars for some of the teachers here. And then went to Dr. Su’s for a bbq. The whole youth group from the church was there, so we got to meet them. They were really friendly, though some were quite shy (we seem to be getting that reaction a lot), but it was hard to really communicate. The language barrier is really one of our big struggles right now, especially since we’ll be on our own once Libeck leaves on Friday!


  1. Hey dude!
    Way to be so hard core! Awesome! Do try and be careful of your footing though please... ya, he he he.
    I am glad that you both are having so many adventures already... you are really did jump into deep water... potentially with sharks... but DUDE, the Lord has given you a floatation device (Hope) and weapons to fend off any unfriendlies (prayer)! So use them...
    Ah yes, trees..... maybe i will have to come over there...
    I will start learning about them in January and then tell you... LOL!
    Anyhow, YAY for you!! Look for an email.

  2. so I'm pulling my first all nighter this year... and I'm procrastinating by reading your blog. Thankyou char for giving me something to procrastinate with... you make my college experience fuller even from tawain.


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