Our Apartment and other tales

We went to Yuli Church on Sunday, and again met a million more people. They brought us up to the front and we shared a little bit about how we got here (the amazing Libeck translated for us) and then they all prayed for us. The service lasted about 3 hours, and was probably really interesting. It was in Mandarin and translated into Taiwanese no English translation though...
We went for lunch afterward. Everywhere we have gone so far has served us sooo much food! More than we could ever eat. We spent the afternoon furniture shopping, bargaining is a really, really, really, really long process! I'm thankful that we had a Chinese person to bargain for us!
We chose to live with a couple whose English names are Jeff and Sherly. Jeff is a middle school teacher and dean of students, and Sherly works for World Vision. They are soo nice! They are a married couple in their thirties, and they speak a little bit of English. We are staying on the third floor of their beautiful apartment, and will be sharing their kitchen which is on the first floor. We have one bathroom for the two of us (Hope and I) and we each have our own room. Hope's room is really large with a probably queen size bed. We both have computer desks and balconies. My room is a Japanese style room. It is a really serene environment. It is about a foot and a half higher than the hallway (so a big step to get in or out) and the floor is shiny hard wood. It has sliding doors in four panels across the entrance. They are wooden with semi-transparent plastic and a bamboo pattern, the pictures show it! Posted by Hello