Ooooh pretty colours

I'm feeling a little more vibrant lately (maybe due to the fact that i'm the only red head in any room...), anyways, time for a change of scenery on this blog!

I cooked again today, which was fun, I really do like cooking, and I am learning that you can cook almost anything in the frying pan/wok they have... the things i have cooked so far are:

~ vegetable beef stir fry
~ chicken curry
~ apple crisp
~ rigatoni with chunky marinara sauce

Jeff and Sherly always make a big deal if they come home when I am cooking, it is really cute, they are always like "wooooow, it smells soo good!" personally i think they are just being nice, either that or they are really shocked that a foreigner can produce appetizing food....

anyways, I finished my Christmas shopping today (the earliest ever!), although I only bought gifts for immediate family at this time, since money is tight from getting settled and all, our pay schedule is a little off at the moment... but anyways, tomorrow I will attempt to mail a box home, we'll see how THAT goes... last time we were at the post office, 2 of the 3 employees pretended we weren't there, even though we were trying to get their attention!
Tomorrow promises to be an exciting day, complete with a school visitation AND a chinese lesson... speaking of which i need to get to bed... since we're meeting at Dr. Su's clinic at 8:10!


  1. Just so you know, I look for your posts almost daily and love to read about what you are doing! Try not to skip so many!

  2. Anonymous2:34 pm

    nice blog I likwe the colors!!
    thank you for the poist on my Lj it ment a lot.. I miss you hope your having a sweet time !

    did you ever get my snail mail addy?



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