a day in the life...

Well today was not really a typical day since we're not actually teaching yet, but here it goes:
I woke up around 8:30, and shortly afterward Cindy called from Taipei to see if we were ok, because there was an earthquake last night.... well that was news to me! The earthquake measured about 5.7 and was north of here. The epicentre was in the ocean I believe. Anyways, I read, had some breakfast (an orange, tea, and pb and honey toast... they do have chinese breakfast stuff here, but that's more like meat and sandwiches... which i think of more as lunch), tried to phone someone in Canada (you people and your social lives! sheesh!), checked my email and studied some Chinese. We went for lunch at Yuli Mein (Yuli Noodles... yes the famous "chow mein" actually means fried noodles though it is pronounced slightly different here when you order it), and then went for a bike ride! Yes, I actually went for a bike ride of my own free will, and i actually enjoyed it... we went the same way we rode on saturday, though not as far. We want to eventually be able to ride all the way there! On the way back i stopped at a little coffee place to get some iced tea, and i wanted what's called in English "bubble tea" it has these little black jelly-like things in it... i don't really know how to describe it, but I didn't know how to say it... and the lady didn't have a CLUE what i was trying to order.... so i kinda gave up and tried to order one i thought i knew how to say.... but i guess i didn't know how to say that one either, because i ended up getting a fruit smoothy type thing, which was actually quite good! I think it was a variety of passion fruit, smaller than the infamous maracuja in Brazil... all that before 1pm! wow, what am I going to do for the rest of the day?


  1. Hey dude,

    Look at productive you... I have had bubble tea - I first tried it in Vancouver. There are shops there that specialize in that and they too have smoothies and things. REALLY good! Except the jelly things get to be a bit much... at least the ones I had. I have to leave about half of them, which is hard since your straw is big enough to admit them, LOL.

    I also played that game that you have posted a photo of. I played it in NZ during my orientation week... he he he.



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