Vocabulary Madness!

Today was intensive Chinese lesson day… largely due to the fact that we were supposed to be gone today, so there really wasn’t a ton for us to do! But anyways, we’re leaving on Friday morning now! I’m excited, though I am getting attached to the people here, everyone that I’ve met has been so great in trying to include me, which is great, since I came here with no contacts already, which apparently is rather rare for this organization. So today were “learned” greetings for all times of the day, food, clothes, key questions, colours, and self-introductions, the last of which we then got to go practice on the bottom floor with some of the staff! It was quite interesting. I'm not sure how much of it i'll reatain, but i guess we'll see! Anyways, here is “my” Romanized version of my self-introduction: any guesses as to what they mean??
1. Wo jyao Oh Tsai Lin
2. Wo tsong djawnada ly
3. Wo er shi er sway
4. Wo ju hso shung jing huhn ing ü jyao hsüeh

I'll even give you a free one: “Wo bu huay shwo jungwun”which means “I don't speak Chinese”


  1. Ooohhhh, your Chinese iss so good!

  2. I guess that the first is "I am called (or named) Charlotte Oke." :)

  3. I think Becca nailed the first one... and I'm going to take a wild stab that Wo is something equal to I?
    that's as close as I get to guessing anything, but I am excited about how to say I don't speak Chinese in Chinese, I can add that to my foriegn vocabulary along with Je ne peu pas parle francais... the beautiful ironicness of all...


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