Just a week

I only have a week left until I leave for real this time! Now we just have to hope they will give me the visa, or I don't know what I'll do!
Next Tuesday, October 12, I'll be flying to Vancouver, the next day, I'll find my way to the Taipei Economic and Cultural Centre and apply for my visa.
On October 14, I'll be flying to Taipei!
So, I have lots to do before I go, and lots of arrangements to make!
I've had the words to this Switchfoot song in my head for the last few days:
don't spend today away
cuz today will soon be gone,
like yesterday is gone, like history is
gone, just trying to prove me wrong
and pretend like your immortal
she said he said live like no tomorrowevery day we borrow
brings us one step closer to the edge (infinity)
where your treasure, where's your hope
forget the world and lose your soul
she pretends like she pretends like she's immortal
don't say so long
your not that far gone
this could be your big chance to makeup today will soon be
gone, like yeterday is gone,
like history is gone,
the world keeps spinning on,
your going going gone,
like summer break is gone,
like saturday is gone
just trying to prove me wrong
you pretend like your immortal
we are not infinite
we are not permanent
nothing is immediate
we're so confident in our accomplishments
look at how dark it is
gone, like Frank Sinatra
like Elvis and his mom
like AL Pachino's cash nothing lasts in this life
my highschool dreams are gone
my childhood sweets are gone
life is a day that doesn't last for long
life is more than money
time was never money
time was never cash,
she said he said live like no tomorrow every moment that we borrow
brings us closer to the God who's not short of cash