A bit about food

I really have always loved Chinese food. It is really cheaper to eat out than to cook here. I haven't really done any grocery shopping, b ut there are hundreds of little restaurants around. I was given $1000NT which I think is around $25.00 Canadian. Meals come between 150 and 250 NT for Chinese food, american food is more expensive. SO basically you pay under $5.00 for a good meal!
I had a "high" class meal at an italian (sort of) restaurant the other day, which costed me NT260. I had linguini and duck breast with pesto in a cream sauce. It was quite amazing! Also every meal comes with soup and a drink. The soup is mostly broth and a few vegetables. Today I had kind of a lettuce soup. There is one I have had twice that kind of tastes like corn chowder, it has ham and some thin noodles, but it is not a cream soup.
Otherwise, I have been eating lots of rice and noodles. Today I had a kind of "dumpling" with cabbage and chicken, which was sort of similar to a won ton. There is a lot of curry here too.
And yes, most things require a good measure of chopstick skill. I"m glad I have had some practice with chopsitcks before coming here, so I don't look like a total fool! The good thing about rice here is that it is stickier (don't read mushy) and so is easier to eat withchopsticks.
Any other interesting things? Well there is a lot I haven't tried yet! I haven't been to McDonalds or Subway yet. I may not make it before Yuli, there are just too many other things to try!
Anyways, it will be good when I know how to read/order food on my own! Oh yeah, and I had a guava for breakfast yesterday, mmmm.
Tonight we are going to the American Club, it will have western food, but probably be more expensive... anyways, those are some of my eating adventures!

Oh yeah, check out my minstry partner: Hope's blog... incidentally, it is hopeintaiwan.blogspot.com
I laughed so hard when i found that out! We really were meant to be together this year!!


  1. Haha, that corn chowder stuff is just called corn soup, I think. It is actually corn and egg, and to me, just seeing those pieces of egg white looking not quite cooked puts me off it. Hope that didn't ruin it for ya. I guess it's kinda like poached eggs, which I am not used to, so it's really not as gross as I imagine. Word on the street is that they sell it at McDonalds too!


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