God works in mysterious ways

So, I have been feeling quite a bit of stress lately, because I have been waiting and waiting to hear about my Visa... on top of it I was offered a 2 week substitute job in Kelowna at the end of the month. So here I was in the middle of two decisions, waiting and having to choose, should I commit to this knowing I may have to go at any time?
I emailed Taiwan and told them about the situation and they said they would get back to me by Monday. As of this morning (Thursday), I hadn't heard a thing. So when the people from Kelowna called today and wanted to do a phone interview, I decided to go ahead with it, thinking that if I hadn't heard anything by now, maybe I do have another month of waiting.
At 11:00 am I spoke with the people in Kelowna and they offered me the job, starting October 18 (but arriving there October 15). I went for a walk, and by the time I got home at 12:15 there was a message on the phone from Taiwan! They are going to book my flight on October 13/14.
Sooooo it has been quite a day!
Anyways, some changes in my situation are that: I will be flying out of Castlegar to Vancouver, and then applying for a visitor's visa, which I will have to renew every few months once I am there. My position will not be stationary as I once thought but will likely involve travelling around quite a bit possibly even to Beijing! I will probably be sharing an apartment with the other teacher that is going. Anyways, it is all a little overwhelming, I think I'm still kind of in shock! I can't believe how fast this has all happened.
Just when I was getting discouraged, God provided me with the answers I needed. Relief.