Here's the deal

Here is a basic summary of my trip:

On roughly September 15, I will commence orientation in Taipei, which includes some language training, and familiarization with the curriculm. I am going with a missions organization based in Taipei. They do a lot of radio, media and drama ministry in Asia. There is a business in Taiwan that wants to support a program to bring teachers into rural areas for aboriginal children who wouldn't be able to afford English instruction otherwise. This means that while I will be working with a church (likely with an after school type program) my expenses are covered. They are providing a plane ticket, and my housing and utilities are covered. In addition, I will receive $1200 US per month salary! This is less than I would make if I took a secular teaching job in say Korea or Japan, but that doesn't matter to me, because God has provided more than enough for me to cover my student loan payments. It is really an unbelievable opportunity! So, after approximately two weeks of language training, I will be heading to my teaching location, which is not certain yet.

With only about a month left until I go, I must admit, I am starting to get a little restless. Sharing teaching ideas with some of my friends in the last few weeks has made me anxious to start teaching again. I never wanted to join a "missions" organization, I have seen that often westerners can do more harm than good when they go into a foreign country with their own ideas and culture and just assume that their ministry will be the most effective. I would hesitate to do any kind of missions work where I was not partnering with a local church. It is the members of the local church who know best how to present the gospel in their cultural context. I think it is important to join in with what God is already doing in the world. I feel like I am doing God's work by helping those who do not have the same opportunities because of their social or economic position.


  1. Anonymous4:37 am

    Hey CHar
    is me Dawn:) thats awesome that your going !!!! cant wait to hear all about it !! hehe if oyu want to keep up with me - my Blog link is on Jo's page!
    your in my prayers always!



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