Last week

Now that another week has almost passed by, I should probably let you know what I did last week, just in case you were wondering. Well my students had midterm exams, which meant I didn't have to teach class. I decided to take the opportunity to go visit my good friends in Yuli who I haven't seen since February just after I got back from Canada. I stopped in Hualian along the way and A-Hsiang was kind enough to take me to the Taroko Gorge visitor's centre. I'd actually not visited the centre in my last two trips to Taroko. I wish I could take a whole day to travel through Taroko and explore it slowly. The scenery there is simply amazing. It's definitely a must-see if you ever come to Taiwan.

This time I went to Yuli, I was able to visit two of my schools from last year. I wasn't sure how well the students would remember me, but they seemed pretty excited to see me, though disappointed that Hope didn't come along. My visits to her old classes pretty much went like this: "Hope lao shi zai na li? Ta wei shenme mei lai? Ta shenme shi hou hui Taiwan?" (Where is Miss Hope? Why didn't she come with you? When is she coming back to Taiwan?)

So anyways, I came back here to teach a couple classes and suddenly it's the weekend again. It was a short week.
Today I went with two of my adult students to the Green Expo, a festival held annually in Yilan county. More on that tomorrow!


  1. Hi ich bin Chriswab aus Bottrop !! Viele Grüsse !!

  2. HERE'S A COMMENT ON YOUR BLOG! AWESOME PICTURES AND UPDATE! YOU'RE FANTASTIC. Ni kan de dong nei ge De wen de comment ma? Ru guo ni kan bu dong, wo ke yi bang ni fang yin, hao bu hao? Ni ren shi le nei ge ren ma?

  3. wo yong cai de, dan shi ni ye ke yi bang wo! Wo ai ni ai de bu de liao! ~ Cai Lin

  4. Yong cai shi shenme yi se?
    Ta shi shuo: Ni hao, wo shi Chriswab. Wo cong Bottrob lai. Gong xi, gong xi/best wishes

  5. yong cai = to guess as in cai cai kan


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