My hair was the source of much discussion among my high schools girls today, including:

"Teacher, may I touch your hair?"
"Why is the hair on your arms blonde, but mine is black?"
"Your hair looks like a Barbie doll."

I went to Taipei on Thursday and had a bunch of meetings. I was happy with the result. The highlights are that I'll be getting my own apartment, I'll be in Taiwan until next June, and I may be able to take a little trip to Korea at the end of this semester. Actually tomorrow afternoon I'll go to look at one apartment! I'll take some pictures! It's part of the office that they're opening in LuoDong city - 10 minutes south of here. It sounds really great except for perhaps a bathroom issue (only one shared with a public office area).

On Friday I went to Hong Kong for the day. Pictures to be posted shortly. Saturday and Sunday were spent hanging out with various friends and frantically searching for my lost train ticket. Sigh. I don't know what happened to it, and though I had a ticket stub (to put in your seat back) and a receipt, the extremely unhelpful people at the help desk said I needed to buy a new one. I think next time I'll just try to talk my way onto the train.


  1. So, you just popped over to Hong Kong for the day? You make it sound like a run to the local walmart. :)

    I am curious--was this a visa run or just something for fun or for training or ???

    That's great that you are choosing to stay longer and that it's all coming togther! How cool!

    My friend once left my video camera on the train. At the tiny station--where we got off--I explained what happened. They told me to get on the next train and go to the lost and found in the Taipei train staion. They told me to go ticketless--since I didn't really intend to go to Taipei in the first place.

    On the way, the ticketmaster guy came around asking for tickets--now granted we were on one of the "commuter trains" but still. He asked me for our tickets I told him what happened. He yelled at me for a good 5 mintues and then walked away. :)

    Then when we go to the Taipei Train staion we didn't have tickets to leave the platform. So, I told the ticket taker the story. He just looked at me and waved me through. ;)

    Like so much else in Taiwan . . . I think it just depends on who is there to make the decisions.

    Glad you had a very eventful weekend--mine was rather boring in comparison.


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