What a life!

Let's see, Wednesday was interesting... I had a good Elementary class, not so hot Jr. High class, and a no show teacher's class.... sadly we'll be cancelling the teacher's class but it's probably for the best time wise... maybe in the summer i can start up an intermediate pronunciation class.
The really fun thing though, was that Catherine (one of my teacher helpers) and Coco (our coworker) both came to the class, so we got to go for coffee afterward, which was a lot of fun! We even played one of the games I had prepared for class... hehe TESOL nerd to the end
Thursday was a pretty easy day since our San Min classes had midterms. We just had our adult class. I was teaching the beginners and the lesson was just a lot of fun, partway through the class we ended up chatting for a little while.... we were talking about activities, and I told them I don't like to dance. Coco was there though and she was like, I saw you dancing yesterday! (Ok, so maybe Hope and I had been groovin' a little to some music but there were only 4 of us there!). Of course once this got out, they all wanted me to dance for them! I told them I was too shy.
Anyways, random story...

Today was a loooong day, but not bad. I got up in the morning to go to Yon Feng, which is an ejoyable place to go. It's really beautiful there, as you can see in the pictures below!
Something really qi guai (strange) happened during my break... some of the 6th grade students in my class came over and three of the boys were wearing dresses, wigs, and makeup! It was highly amusing. I later found out that they were in some sort of skit they had made up for a teacher who's getting married... how fun!
This afternoon I went to Yu Dong.. our second class was cancelled as the students got to go home early in celebration of the holiday that is happening this weekend! It's "Tomb Sweeping Day" on Tuesday actually, but it's a 4 day holiday starting tomorrow. They don't have regular groundskeepers in their cemetaries, so once a year family members will go to the gravesites of their ancestors and clean it, paying their respects. There is probably a lot of ancestor worship happening during this time as well.
Tonight was a pretty warm and clear night, so I felt like going to the night market (which only happens on Fridays.. thus far the rainiest day of the week), and I had the whim to go ask Phoebe (one of our hairdresser/Mt. Carmel church friends who is around our age) to go with me. She was really excited and invited another friend/relative of hers who I also know. Neither of them speak a lot of English, so I spent about two hours speaking in mostly Chinese with them! How cool... I'm amazed that I am slowly able to communicate more and more. We walked around and, as always, saw a ton of people we know. We ate niu pai (steak) and noodles, not bad.
Anyways, I am heading to bed shortly...


  1. Long live the TESOL nerds!! Charlotte I love readins your blogs so much! They are so much fun!


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